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Facial service will help you to improve your overall skin health. Our facial service will help you to fill up the fine lines & wrinkles of your face, and these will help to stimulate cell regeneration. Facial will also help to cleanse your skin, prevent aging, rejuvenate your skin, treat acne and acne marks, eliminate white heads and black heads, fill up all the pores, exfoliate and tighten your skin, eliminate under-eye bags and dark circles, make your skin soft and glowing, increase elasticity and firmness, increase luminosity, enhance radiance etc.


Hair Spa is a kind of therapy which ensures better health of your hair and hair follicles and also ensures increased growth of hair. It also helps to make your hair strong, shiny and bouncy, and at the same time it prevents dandruff, damaged hair and hair fall effectively. Hair spa nourishes roots and scalps for better hair growth naturally, eliminates impurities inside pores, increases cell metabolism and stimulates blood circulation. Individuals of any age-group can avail this service of hair spa. You can avail this service once in a week, but ideally it should be done once in 2 weeks.


To remove unwanted hair from various body parts, waxing is necessary. Many people rely on shaving, but shaving may cause irritation and skin infection. And waxing has many other benefits over shaving.  These benefits are as follows-

  • Due to waxing new hairs grow slowly than shaving because waxing removes hair from the roots.
  • No cuts or scratches in waxing. Cuts or scratches can leave scars.
  • Waxing can smoothen your skin because hair is removed from roots.
  • If you don’t shave enough, then your skin can become rough and abrasive.
  • Waxing is not painful if you use proper waxing products with expert hands.
  • Waxing is fast and convenient.


By manicure we initiate beauty treatment of your finger-nails and hands. This service helps to entail filing and shaping of the nails, enhances the health of your finger nails, promotes faster growth of nails and keeps the cuticles moisturized. Massage of your hands and fingers stimulates blood circulation and keeps the hands smooth and soft. With our manicure service, you can get attractive hands, fingers and nails. Massage with natural products provides necessary nutrients to your skin.


Our body polishing service will perfectly polish and cleanse your entire body so that you can feel confidence about your body. Scrubs are used to slough the dead cells and moisturize the skin. Your skin will be exfoliated. And all of these will help to grow new cells and you will look young and attractive. Body polishing will also give you relaxation and pleasure. The body polishing scrubs will stimulate blood circulation after scrubbing, and they will also unclog pores and will allow the nutrients to go deep within the skin.


Various kits of VLCC provide natural beauty by brightening and whitening your skin naturally, these will give you natural glow. You will get characteristic luminosity, radiance and softness. Skin texture will be improved. At the same time, there will be no irritation or any other side effect. Many of our fairness treatments are done using the products of VLCC because we want to deliver you top-quality results.